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The primary purpose of bankruptcy is to give a debtor, one who owes the debt, a "fresh start" in life by relieving the debtor of most debts; and to repay creditors in an orderly manner to the extent that the debtor has the means available for payment. A bankruptcy case is initiated by the filing of a petition in the United States Bankruptcy Court.

As many bankruptcy matters are time sensitive, it is important that you contact the attorneys of RGHK to discuss your bankruptcy matter.


Opening a business of your own is an exciting event. Whether your business is a new start up or an existing business purchased by you, it should be approached with cautious optimism. Many small businesses begin with good ideas and good intentions only to fail, not due to lack of effort, but from not having the proper "team" in place. Your team should include not only the legal counsel but accountant, banker, insurance agent and investment advisor.

Attorneys and accountants help you decide upon the type of business entity which best suits your endeavor. Your business entity options may be a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited partnership, corporation or limited liability company.

Financial/investment advisors and bankers will assist in estimating your current and future capitalization needs and the available sources to secure funding.

Insurance experts and legal counsel will position you to be able to either avoid financial liability created by a negligent or reckless act or be in a position to pay for the damages caused by the negligent or reckless act without damaging the viability of the business.

Please contact the attorneys of RGHK to discuss your business.


The "counseling" aspect of being an "attorney and counselor at law" involves being proactive. Attempting to structure your business so that potential issues are resolved before they become a problem. We encourage a team approach to meet the needs of all of our small business clients. Working regularly with your financial advisors, accountants, bankers and insurance professionals develops trust within the team and will allow you and your business to focus exclusively on your business.

Please contact the attorneys of RGHK to discuss your business.


Commercial litigation is a general term that applies to any type of litigation or controversy related to businesses. For example, two businesses may dispute an obligation under a contract, or a business seeks to utilize the courts to collect a debt--the scenarios are endless.

No matter what your business scenario is, you need competent and zealous legal counsel to represent your business's interests. Please contact the attorneys of RGHK to discuss your commercial litigation matter.


Consumer (Protection) Law provides protection, at both the state and federal levels, for individual consumers who obtain goods and services from businesses that sell those goods and services. Specifically, consumer law provides protection to consumers from unsafe products, invasion of privacy, fraud, misrepresentation, unfair business practices, and other potentially harmful consumer/business matters.

If you are a consumer who would like to discuss your consumer claim, please contact the attorneys of RGHK.


From minor misdemeanors to felonies: if you have been charged with a crime you need an attorney who will listen to you, respect you, and represent you zealously within the bounds of the law.

Please contact the attorneys of RGHK to discuss your matter.


Protecting the physical and emotional needs of children is one of the most important adult duties. Moreover, it is important that parents and non-parents are represented by an attorney-advocate that recognizes the importance of this duty.

Please contact the attorneys at RGHK to discuss your child's best interests.


Domestic (Relations) Law, encompasses a wide variety of areas, including: divorce, property settlements, custody, monetary support, visitation, and adoption. RGHK respects the emotional nature of a domestic case while representing its client's interests zealously.

Please contact the attorneys at RGHK to discuss your matter.


Getting your "affairs in order" is sometimes overwhelming. We assist in providing a common- sense, systemized structure to prepare your estate plan. Together we develop a plan which allows you to be comfortable and confident that in death your assets will be distributed in accordance with your wishes.

Getting your affairs in order may involve the drafting of various documents, ranging from a simple will to a trust; either approach should be combined with a durable power of attorney, a health care power of attorney, a living will, the appropriate deeds for real estate and beneficiary designations on retirement funds, life insurance policies and other investment accounts.

Please contact the attorneys of RGHK to discuss your matter.


A debilitating injury or illness can be catastrophic to you, your family and to your business. Having the proper documents in place may lessen the suffering. Prior planning can provide, not only for your financial and medical care, but for your loved ones during the length of your incapacity. Proper planning prior to your incapacity will allow you to control who will make your financial and medical decisions during your incapacity and who will be appointed as your guardian if one is necessary.

Please contact the attorneys of RGHK to discuss your matter.


Just as adults can be charged with crimes, juveniles can be charged with delinquencies (wrongful acts that would be crimes if committed by adults). Despite this similarity, juvenile law is unique and requires an attorney that respects that uniqueness and that will handle your case with care and zealousness.

Please contact the attorneys of RGHK to discuss your matter.


A personal injury occurs when a victim has suffered some form of injury, either physical or psychological, as the result of an accident. There are several types of personal injury claims, including: road traffic accidents, work-related accidents, tripping accidents, assault/battery claims, accidents that occur in the home, and defective product accidents.

When the accident was the fault of someone else, the injured victim may be entitled to monetary compensation. Most often, an attorney will represent victims on a "contingency fee basis," in which the attorney does not charge for his or her services unless the victim recovers monetary compensation.

Please contact the attorneys of RGHK to discuss your personal injury case.


Sexual harassment is harassment or unwelcome attention that is sexual in nature. Further, sexual harassment can occur anywhere, most commonly in the workplace. Most importantly, sexual harassment is unlawful and no person should be subjected to it.

If you have been a victim of sexual harassment, please contact the attorneys at RGHK.

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